Are you ready for the new General Data Protection Regulation 2018?

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I guess you are all ready for both Chrismas and New Year.

But are you also ready for the new EU General Data Protection Regulation which will come into force in 2018?

If you are as most, the answer might be no.

Don’t panic let the Christmas spirit leave you.

The deadline is on May 25’th.

But I thought you should have something to spend your Christmas days on.

When you are all exhausted watching Christmas movies and flattening on the couch.

What you need to control is, among one thing, an (adjusted) privacy policy on your website and have clear processes for how to treat people’s data.

And even if you just have an email sign up for your freebie on your site – or just have a website in general.

In fact, there are some strict requirements that have been implemented in the EU.

The regulation also applies any non-EU company that has just one single web visitor from the EU.

After studying and gaining an overview of the new rules, I am pleasantly surprised at how much ownership and protection you and I as individuals get over our own data.

More than I really expected, it’s clearly positive.

Something also had to be done!

But it does give some extra work for you as an entrepreneur.

There will be some harsh fines if you do not have (will get) things sorted.

To be more precise, it will cost you 4% of your yearly turnover.

Ouch, that’s some stupid money to pay.

If you are one of the fortunate entrepreneurs joining the educational program in Cyprus, starting in February, I will teach you exactly what to do and how.

I have actually paid a highly skilled lawyer to create the just right legal texts you need.

You’ll get them absolutely free of charge.

If you do not have the opportunity to join in February, do not worry.

Here are some links that can help you get things sorted.

So now you know what to spend your Christmas days on 😉

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Now I will go pack my Christmas presents.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

All the best,